Art Inspiration Ideas

Is it Love?

At times, I can't wrap my head around Love. Still, I try. I did a few kind things for people quietly today. Shhh, the details don't matter more than the obedience. This little painting was me loving the girl in me who wants to run away when life feels heavy. The cute part about this … Continue reading Is it Love?

Art Sketchbook Ideas

Finding Inspiration Near You

Life gets boring when we've stopped dreaming, stopped pursuing, when we have too much time to ruminate. Some thing must cure this: new toy, new clothes, new phone. That's not how life should be. The unsatiated part of our hearts is a little black hole always searching for more. Black holes eat everything that you feed … Continue reading Finding Inspiration Near You

Art Inspiration Ideas

Beach Days

This year I’m learning not to criticize myself. No more self-punishment. Whatever activity I choose to do (out of my 342 hobbies), I’m doing with love and focus. I’m learning to enjoy each day for what it brings me instead of ruminating on the past or over planning the future. Today brought me a day … Continue reading Beach Days