PSA: Hope Gets You Farther in Life

Hope is a choice to action just like love and faith. These are "forces" because they are powerful actions that require decisiveness and effort and they always bring results.

Fear Distorts Perception

Last night, our pastor's wife said that God gives us something specific to do in every season. I've come to realize the season I am. It's not marked by a solstice, the weather or the color of the leaves, rather the emotion that I need to confront. Which is, per the title, fear. Fear may … Continue reading Fear Distorts Perception


Trust the Process

"Trust the process," is easy to say. I always thought it was a cliche encouragement. You know, just get through this right now and you'll reach the light at the end of the tunnel...eventually. The light at the end of the tunnel is never as motivational as it should be. That's why I ignored people … Continue reading Trust the Process