Trust the Process

"Trust the process," is easy to say. I always thought it was a cliche encouragement. You know, just get through this right now and you'll reach the light at the end of the tunnel...eventually. The light at the end of the tunnel is never as motivational as it should be. That's why I ignored people … Continue reading Trust the Process


Setting Boundaries (intro)

This year has been an eye-opener. I think everyone says that every year and that's a good thing, it means that we are moving forward or at least touching the deeper meanings of life. But, seriously, it feels as though this year kept my eyelids peeled back until the dryness of my eyeballs was no … Continue reading Setting Boundaries (intro)

Revolutionary, what does that mean?

As an adult, this word means almost nothing to me. But, as a child hearing the word "revolutionary" sparked imaginative feelings of drive and innovation. I want to change the world! Teachers and adults were always pushing the idea onto us (as children). This directive was loud and clear. I MUST change the world!