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Embracing Stormy Thoughts

*Things* hit the fan recently. And, I remembered how bad weather times its appearance very conveniently. Unexpected problems slither their way in at just the right time. Right when you've found rest, motivation, a positive outlook is when chaos comes to remind you that it is still alive. And thriving. These storms often bring along … Continue reading Embracing Stormy Thoughts


The Words We Speak

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me... As much as I'd like this phrase to be true, today, it's meaningless. Words do hurt people and even the most shallow of verbal offenses prove consequential. It may be absurd that people can be injured by superficial words, by arrangements of … Continue reading The Words We Speak

Go to Prayer

I feel things shifting in my life and it's clearly time for change. I lamented about my boredom and exhaustion with my writing. And today, I feel recharged. Not to write anything particular, haha. I'm recharged because God has been giving me important dreams lately. Last night I received one that has instructed me to … Continue reading Go to Prayer

But, I don’t have time…

Strength, organization, peace come from God. And that peace must be renewed every single day.  It's a muscle that needs to be exercised daily. When it's functioning well then things are going well--you're ahead of schedule, you have extra time for fun and your mind is not running around like a headless chicken.