10 Things I Would do Differently in Natural Birth

I have been talking about Natural Birth for the last month and still have lots to share that I plan on bringing forward sometime in the future! For now, I am ready to touch on other topics for September, fall and the upcoming Holiday season. For more background on this topic and my experience you … Continue reading 10 Things I Would do Differently in Natural Birth


4 Things I Wish I Knew Before my Natural Birth Experience

At a deeper level, it wasn't all that I dreamed up because there was a lot that I did not consider beforehand. Which is totally okay, this was my first rodeo and there were many lessons to learn. That's why I want to share the things I wish I knew before.

My Natural Birth Experience (the REAL story)

The sequence of events during my natural birth from an honest perspective. This is not the picture-perfect story but it considers other things you might expect during natural childbirth. I did not get the water birth experience I wanted but I did deliver a precious baby au naturale.

My Natural Birth Story (the Before)

It has been a year and a half since I gave birth to my daughter. I announced I went natural but didn’t share much detail in a short post about called Labor of Love. Part of me tends to be private about personal and family things. The other part of me did not want to … Continue reading My Natural Birth Story (the Before)

What is “Natural Birth?”

A Quick Guide to Defining Natural Birth As noted, we will be discussing Natural Birth this month. To make these conversations easier, let's define Natural Birth by first explaining what it is NOT. ✗ Hospital Birth We are not going to consider hospital birth as natural birth, although you can have natural birth at a … Continue reading What is “Natural Birth?”

Labor of Love

I spent 14 hours in active labor. I was in what they call "Labor Land." Which means that everything in the real world was blurred by complete immersion into my body. The sensations take over your whole body so there is no ability to recognize and interpret the surrounding environment. And it's true, people will … Continue reading Labor of Love