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Love Thy Neighbor, You Sure?

Love thy neighbor as you love yourself… before we start quoting and preaching, let us do an exercise focused only on our real defined neighbors, the community of people around where we live. Do you love your neighbors?Do you know you neighbors’ names?Do you know your neighbors’ history?Do you love your neighbors when they do … Continue reading Love Thy Neighbor, You Sure?


Apparently You Love Him

There is a popular salsa song from the 90's called Aparentmente by Tony Vega. I haven't heard it in a while but the lyrics mysteriously crept to the forefront of my thoughts. The first few lines of the chorus goes, "Aparentemente tú le quieres, tú le amas Pero si esta casa hablara Te diría lo … Continue reading Apparently You Love Him

Fear Distorts Perception

Last night, our pastor's wife said that God gives us something specific to do in every season. I've come to realize the season I am. It's not marked by a solstice, the weather or the color of the leaves, rather the emotion that I need to confront. Which is, per the title, fear. Fear may … Continue reading Fear Distorts Perception

Art Inspiration Ideas

Is it Love?

At times, I can't wrap my head around Love. Still, I try. I did a few kind things for people quietly today. Shhh, the details don't matter more than the obedience. This little painting was me loving the girl in me who wants to run away when life feels heavy. The cute part about this … Continue reading Is it Love?

How do you really feel?

Numbness made it easy for me to talk myself into doing stupid things or to talk myself out of doing really awesome things. I was doing things and saying things that were contradictory to my emotional truth because I couldn't feel. The beat of my heart was too quiet against the loud traffic of my thoughts.

DIY Holiday Cards

Handmade Christmas Cards

It only took me about a week of mental preparation to make my Christmas cards. Yay we did it! Ever since I can remember, I've always enjoyed making Christmas cards for my family. Not only do I put effort into the crafting (which is by no means spectacular), but I always aim to write personal … Continue reading Handmade Christmas Cards

Baby Shower Decor Ideas

the Baby Shower!

Wow, sometimes, I wake up and still cannot believe I am going to have a little one here in just some weeks! God designed life in such a creative way, the detailed conditions for incubating a baby are just beyond me. Not entirely, though, I know how I got here. And you know, at first, … Continue reading the Baby Shower!