Slowly but surely

So, one thing I’ve really learned to prioritize throughout this pregnancy is myself! I realized how much I gave away to activities, events, people, habits, etc. that were not building me. I’ve always preferred my alone time but the reality that I will be forever responsible of a little life has taught me that I … Continue reading Slowly but surely


Standing Firm

Today's message at church was prompted by an interesting question, "Why do some Christ-followers seem to struggle internally more than others?" It's a question I've often wondered myself because my transformation was so radical. I want to see radical transformations in the hearts of all my friends and family, I want to see them experience … Continue reading Standing Firm

Setting Boundaries: the Self

You cannot expect other people to treat you how you want to be treated if you are not treating yourself how you want to be treated. That's why boundaries begin with the self. We have to give ourselves space and time, especially prayer with God, to learn about the limits of things we can and cannot accept.

Setting Boundaries (intro)

This year has been an eye-opener. I think everyone says that every year and that's a good thing, it means that we are moving forward or at least touching the deeper meanings of life. But, seriously, it feels as though this year kept my eyelids peeled back until the dryness of my eyeballs was no … Continue reading Setting Boundaries (intro)

Revolutionary, what does that mean?

As an adult, this word means almost nothing to me. But, as a child hearing the word "revolutionary" sparked imaginative feelings of drive and innovation. I want to change the world! Teachers and adults were always pushing the idea onto us (as children). This directive was loud and clear. I MUST change the world!

You can only be so positive…

Yesterday, I read a blog post from a psychologist who was arguing that you can't be "too positive" all the time. I guess he received commentary because he goes out of the way to remove negative comments from his site. It's actually funny, this world seems to support positivity and motivation until it's a consistent … Continue reading You can only be so positive…

Just let go already

I originally planned to use today's blog to explain why I won't share any photographs of my baby online. Why? I guess because I feel strongly about consent and privacy of minors, among other things. So I spent an hour writing out my point-of-view... Then, I heard a Fatherly voice say, "who cares?" Well, hello, I … Continue reading Just let go already

Humility is the New Black

This week, our worship leader suggested that we kneel as we end the last song. "All hail King Jesus, All hail the Savior of the world, All hail King Jesus" Everyone, young, old, middle-aged got down and we all lifted our praise upward. It brought me to tears and my heart rate actually accelerated. The … Continue reading Humility is the New Black

When You are Free to be Free (pt. 3)

Becoming free means literally becoming new! I did not have to fall into my old ways just because that is what I was used to. I not only had permission to change, become a new person, but I was encouraged to do so. Everyday God would stick His hand in my heart and rearrange my dispositions. The Spirit would speak to me by drawing me towards or pulling me away from something.

You are Free to be Free (pt. 1)

Most unbelievers think that God does not want us to be free because He gives us rules to live by. I'm starting a short series about Freedom in Christianity because I want to challenge that idea. The right to freedom used to be one of my arguments for living a life of sin. "God loves … Continue reading You are Free to be Free (pt. 1)