Slow as Slow Gets

It’s taken me months of reading to admit that I’m still in the book of Genesis. Earlier this year, I set out on what I thought would result in me reading the Bible more. I knew I wouldn’t finish the entire Bible by the close of the year but I thought I’d get at least … Continue reading Slow as Slow Gets

Art Sketchbook Ideas

Finding Inspiration Near You

Life gets boring when we've stopped dreaming, stopped pursuing, when we have too much time to ruminate. Some thing must cure this: new toy, new clothes, new phone. That's not how life should be. The unsatiated part of our hearts is a little black hole always searching for more. Black holes eat everything that you feed … Continue reading Finding Inspiration Near You

Trust the Process

"Trust the process," is easy to say. I always thought it was a cliche encouragement. You know, just get through this right now and you'll reach the light at the end of the tunnel...eventually. The light at the end of the tunnel is never as motivational as it should be. That's why I ignored people … Continue reading Trust the Process

Overcoming Tough Times

There is a difference between losing friends and shedding friends. Losing status and shedding status. Losing material things and shedding material things. As we go through the course of life, we will experience events that may leave us feeling bare. A rough patch may leave us stripped of everything we ever knew. Sometimes we walk into … Continue reading Overcoming Tough Times