Who the Vinedresser Is

Passion fruit vines are due for good trimmings in early spring (this message comes after spring has left). Pruning makes for a better flower and fruit yield. Remove the old and dead makes way for the young and new growth! I spent several hours over a weekend pruning passion vines with my grandpa. I couldn’t … Continue reading Who the Vinedresser Is


How to be Content

Yesterday's devotion on learning to be content was quite profound. It's learning to be satisfied because God is enough. The day before yesterday, I pulled out one of my old sketchbooks so I could complete the empty pages. I drew my newly blossoming pepper plant 🙂 After flipping through the sketchbook, I found this sentimental … Continue reading How to be Content

Baby Shower Decor Ideas

the Baby Shower!

Wow, sometimes, I wake up and still cannot believe I am going to have a little one here in just some weeks! God designed life in such a creative way, the detailed conditions for incubating a baby are just beyond me. Not entirely, though, I know how I got here. And you know, at first, … Continue reading the Baby Shower!

Overcoming Tough Times

There is a difference between losing friends and shedding friends. Losing status and shedding status. Losing material things and shedding material things. As we go through the course of life, we will experience events that may leave us feeling bare. A rough patch may leave us stripped of everything we ever knew. Sometimes we walk into … Continue reading Overcoming Tough Times