Are You a Dream Chaser?

I’m writing a long series of posts on dreams (not the night visions during sleep) but aspirations and desires. There is a lot going around that supports following your dreams and there is also a lot going around that says dreamers are time wasters. So, I was wondering, are you a dream chaser? What are … Continue reading Are You a Dream Chaser?


Did God Answer My Prayer?

Being a single mom is not glamorous. And I try not to harp on it because I desire and pray for marriage. I know this is for a season, not forever.The more I see my girl grow and develop her own personality, the more I wish I was married and did family right because I'd … Continue reading Did God Answer My Prayer?

Wake Up and Smell the Roses

Have you ever woke up thinking "this is not the life I want to live?" I like that the phrase specifically asks about waking up because it always implies that big ideas come by morning. Many good ideas are morning ideas, there's something cleansing about a night of restful thinking. That cleanse might even reveal … Continue reading Wake Up and Smell the Roses