Patience My Friend

Just a friendly reminder to be patient: To be patient with those around you. They will get there. To be patient with yourself. You will get there. To be patient with God? Wait on God. Be His servant--a server--a waiter who does what is asked when it is asked. Patience is preparation. Patience is understanding. … Continue reading Patience My Friend


Fear Distorts Perception

Last night, our pastor's wife said that God gives us something specific to do in every season. I've come to realize the season I am. It's not marked by a solstice, the weather or the color of the leaves, rather the emotion that I need to confront. Which is, per the title, fear. Fear may … Continue reading Fear Distorts Perception

Independence Day Reflection

I have a pride problem. God is working with me on that. So I am trying to be more mindful of what I am proud of, how I use the word proud/prideful, overall, just observing how pride rises up in me or in my surroundings. A couple years ago, Jordan Peterson tweeted something about something … Continue reading Independence Day Reflection

Hanging on to Fiery Debates

I love the saying, "God's Word never changes, the culture changes." There is nothing missed in the Bible and there is wisdom for every situation. Even if the culture is different, God's Living Word still applies.

The Culture of Pain Relief

A while back some friends took me to try Vietnamese Boba tea. It was the sweetest drink I'd ever had. But my friends treated me, so I drank the entire thing. A few minutes later I was hit with a migraine, stomach ache and lethargy all at once. Obviously, sugar is bad for you. Then … Continue reading The Culture of Pain Relief

The Words We Speak

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me... As much as I'd like this phrase to be true, today, it's meaningless. Words do hurt people and even the most shallow of verbal offenses prove consequential. It may be absurd that people can be injured by superficial words, by arrangements of … Continue reading The Words We Speak

Setting Boundaries: the World

The world is so broad, how do we set boundaries against massive force of possibilities? Establishing boundaries for your self is a great place to start. Once you have a reasonable understanding about your own identity, your interests, your beliefs and you've managed your time to protect these things, you'll find that boundaries still need … Continue reading Setting Boundaries: the World