2022 Hopemade Word of the Year

Hopemade Word for 2022: Express After doing my 3-step reflection (end of year) process, I came back to a place I often come back to. I’m sure you know exactly how that feels. Is there a recurring theme in your life? Something you always set out for, voluntarily or involuntarily, yet, it still remains something … Continue reading 2022 Hopemade Word of the Year


Moms Have Dreams, Too (& Yes, It’s Okay!)

It’s easy to martyr yourself for the greater good. It’s even easier to resent the greater good because of your own choice to pursue martyrdom. While I wholeheartedly believe in godly submission to your husband and service to your family, there is still room for a mom to be the woman God made her to … Continue reading Moms Have Dreams, Too (& Yes, It’s Okay!)

Why I Love Being a Girl Mom: Feminine Not Feminist

Being a girl mom is a lot of fun, even when you are not playing dress up! Actually, we don't ever play dress up. One, I have a 2-year-old who is not interested in skirts and dresses. Two, I’m in no place to be spending tons of money on clothes that only fit for a … Continue reading Why I Love Being a Girl Mom: Feminine Not Feminist

Slow as Slow Gets

It’s taken me months of reading to admit that I’m still in the book of Genesis. Earlier this year, I set out on what I thought would result in me reading the Bible more. I knew I wouldn’t finish the entire Bible by the close of the year but I thought I’d get at least … Continue reading Slow as Slow Gets

Dear Diary, I’m not Wonder Woman—There, I Said it!

I recently left my job. I’ll admit I’m ashamed to say that but I think it will make sense if I get that off my chest, now. Because the path of my life is getting clearer and clearer, only I could hope. God’s Hand is here. That is all I will say. A wonderful opportunity … Continue reading Dear Diary, I’m not Wonder Woman—There, I Said it!

How Does it Feel When…

You want to work on something reaaaally badly but life keeps on interrupting you? Or life drains your energy so when the time comes around, you fall asleep instead of do the thing? Or time? What is that? There’s so much on the schedule! And your schedule is full of things that aren’t the passions … Continue reading How Does it Feel When…

Rebranding My Blog

I’ve found that although I love writing, I am very much a verbal processor. Which means that talking out loud and communicating externally is a big part of understanding thoughts whether they be my own or others. Think of the question, “are you hearing yourself right now?” As part of this revelation, I have tried … Continue reading Rebranding My Blog

100th Post! The News: I’m Cancelling mama-equis.com

I cannot believe I have made it to 100 posts! I cannot believe it has taken me two years to get to 100, haha. Most of all, I cannot believe that I have been blogging for TWO whole years! Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com And two years later, I have come to a turning … Continue reading 100th Post! The News: I’m Cancelling mama-equis.com

What is Your Why?

I’ve been thinking a lot about why I do certain things, why I say certain things, and why I believe certain things? Here are some questions to ask yourself: Why do I live each day? Why do I care about others?Why do I love others?Why do I work hard? Why do I make plans?Why do … Continue reading What is Your Why?