Why Your Life Dreams Are Important

Romanticism runs deep in the life of a dreamer. We fall under a haze of beauty whenever we picture our life’s dreams, oftentimes we believe our dream is the perfect ending to the perfect story. There’s nothing wrong with looking for the perfect story, per se, because story is one of the most important things … Continue reading Why Your Life Dreams Are Important


How Does it Feel When…

You want to work on something reaaaally badly but life keeps on interrupting you? Or life drains your energy so when the time comes around, you fall asleep instead of do the thing? Or time? What is that? There’s so much on the schedule! And your schedule is full of things that aren’t the passions … Continue reading How Does it Feel When…

Why My Life is a Science Experiment

That I Want to Share A few years ago, the phrase "Participation Experiment" crept into my mind and riddled my thoughts for awhile. For months I couldn't stop thinking about the Participation Experiment, yet, I had no idea what it was. It was just something that I felt I needed to incorporate in my life. … Continue reading Why My Life is a Science Experiment