Hanging on to Fiery Debates

I love the saying, "God's Word never changes, the culture changes." There is nothing missed in the Bible and there is wisdom for every situation. Even if the culture is different, God's Living Word still applies.

Stuck in Regret

In case you haven't noticed by now, I tend to be stuck in the past at times. It's difficult accepting failure. Right? Falling down doesn't feel good. Some times it's a soft fall that you can laugh about, I actually enjoy those. But those falls that feel like miles down a rocky mountainside? Those leave … Continue reading Stuck in Regret


Standing Firm

Today's message at church was prompted by an interesting question, "Why do some Christ-followers seem to struggle internally more than others?" It's a question I've often wondered myself because my transformation was so radical. I want to see radical transformations in the hearts of all my friends and family, I want to see them experience … Continue reading Standing Firm

Humility is the New Black

This week, our worship leader suggested that we kneel as we end the last song. "All hail King Jesus, All hail the Savior of the world, All hail King Jesus" Everyone, young, old, middle-aged got down and we all lifted our praise upward. It brought me to tears and my heart rate actually accelerated. The … Continue reading Humility is the New Black

What is a friend?

I'm breaking my own once a week rule here... it's okay, I think I need to write through some of life's things. Well, what is a friend? Facebook defines anyone you connect with online as a friend. Instagram and Twitter (which I'm no longer using) call your friends followers, that's enough to think about it. … Continue reading What is a friend?

You are Free to be Free (pt. 1)

Most unbelievers think that God does not want us to be free because He gives us rules to live by. I'm starting a short series about Freedom in Christianity because I want to challenge that idea. The right to freedom used to be one of my arguments for living a life of sin. "God loves … Continue reading You are Free to be Free (pt. 1)

Overcoming Tough Times

There is a difference between losing friends and shedding friends. Losing status and shedding status. Losing material things and shedding material things. As we go through the course of life, we will experience events that may leave us feeling bare. A rough patch may leave us stripped of everything we ever knew.┬áSometimes we walk into … Continue reading Overcoming Tough Times

Morning Sickness or Spiritual Sickness?

Under any circumstance, because of my relationship with my body, I believed that I would have a wonderful pregnancy free of pain and yucky symptoms. Yea, I know, wishful thinking. You may find this laughable but I consider my personal "morning sickness" to be a product of spiritual sickness, not biology.

When Solitude Becomes Isolation

Solitude can be a beautiful thing when exercised with purpose and I found refuge in getting away from my socially toxic ways. However, too much time alone can also be harmful. My alone time transformed into self-punishment. I castigated myself for not being able to change the bad things that happened in my life, such as being fired.

Being Hard-Headed: the Cycle of Failure

Yuck, right? This story is always too good to be true because we are human and life is not a movie. Falling out of line with the perfect story shattered me when I finally got a grip. When God slowed everything down, I was able to see from third person POV that I was actually making my own mess. Only as a viewer, was I able to understand the cause-and-effect of my own life.