Patience My Friend

Just a friendly reminder to be patient: To be patient with those around you. They will get there. To be patient with yourself. You will get there. To be patient with God? Wait on God. Be His servant--a server--a waiter who does what is asked when it is asked. Patience is preparation. Patience is understanding. … Continue reading Patience My Friend


Binge Painting

I hadn't painted in a while and I was feeling the pain of it. You ever miss something so much, it hurts? The way your body craves for exercise or your mind for relaxation. I needed to paint. My thoughts were getting loud. Painting, like cooking, is a good way for me to act and … Continue reading Binge Painting

Art Inspiration Ideas

Is it Love?

At times, I can't wrap my head around Love. Still, I try. I did a few kind things for people quietly today. Shhh, the details don't matter more than the obedience. This little painting was me loving the girl in me who wants to run away when life feels heavy. The cute part about this … Continue reading Is it Love?

Art Inspiration Ideas

Doing it Your Own Way

We were talking about quiet times with God earlier this week at community group. It quickly became evident that everyone had different ideas about devotionals. One of the leaders gave some good advice to those who weren't sure about the purpose behind devotion or how exactly to go about quiet time with God. She told … Continue reading Doing it Your Own Way

Art Inspiration Ideas

Embracing Stormy Thoughts

*Things* hit the fan recently. And, I remembered how bad weather times its appearance very conveniently. Unexpected problems slither their way in at just the right time. Right when you've found rest, motivation, a positive outlook is when chaos comes to remind you that it is still alive. And thriving. These storms often bring along … Continue reading Embracing Stormy Thoughts

Art Sketchbook Ideas

Finding Inspiration Near You

Life gets boring when we've stopped dreaming, stopped pursuing, when we have too much time to ruminate. Some┬áthing must cure this: new toy, new clothes, new phone. That's not how life should be. The unsatiated part of our hearts is a little black hole always searching for more. Black holes eat everything that you feed … Continue reading Finding Inspiration Near You

How to be Content

Yesterday's devotion on learning to be content was quite profound. It's learning to be satisfied because God is enough. The day before yesterday, I pulled out one of my old sketchbooks so I could complete the empty pages. I drew my newly blossoming pepper plant ­čÖé After flipping through the sketchbook, I found this sentimental … Continue reading How to be Content