5 Ways to Define Your Life Dream

AKA Your Jam, Passion, Calling... For many a reason, people feel disconnected from their calling and spend time "soul searching" to find answers about what it is they should make of their lives. They don't know what career to follow, what city to set roots in, what hobbies they enjoy, what friends they like to … Continue reading 5 Ways to Define Your Life Dream


My Word for 2021

I shared journal prompts to help you pick a word and mission statement for a new year or season of life. It just felt right to follow that up with my own thought process so you could see how answers to the prompts formed a direction to follow.

Setting a Word for 2020 was Oddly Successful

Here is a little bit of my story from 2020… How the courage to commit became the courage to quit!

the Hopemade Woman

My Word of the Year Inside

Now that the year of all years is over, I wonder how we will look back at 2020 in history. Not in a history book way but in the history of each of our own lives. Will we look back and think, that it was a strange time just as any other? Or, will we look back with a chamber of negative emotions?

Was it the year that was unfair or was it the year of extraordinary opportunity?

I recently saw a woman post her word for 2020 at the end of the year. That was interesting, she was assigning a word by looking back rather than forward.

Typically when you pick out a word for a year, you’re setting a new intention or mission to hold for the next 365 days. The idea is to provoke positive change without the burden of overpromising…

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Setting a Word for 2020 was Oddly Successful

Originally, I thought that 2020 would be about the courage to COMMIT. It was actually about the courage to QUIT.

What is Your Word for 2021?

Picking a word for the new year over making resolutions has been a thing for awhile. Last year, I hopped on board and chose the word ‘courage’ for 2020. In addition to choosing courage, I made ONE new year resolution and that was “to fail a lot.” The idea is that stepping out of my … Continue reading What is Your Word for 2021?

Slow as Slow Gets

It’s taken me months of reading to admit that I’m still in the book of Genesis. Earlier this year, I set out on what I thought would result in me reading the Bible more. I knew I wouldn’t finish the entire Bible by the close of the year but I thought I’d get at least … Continue reading Slow as Slow Gets

Are You a Dream Chaser?

I’m writing a long series of posts on dreams (not the night visions during sleep) but aspirations and desires. There is a lot going around that supports following your dreams and there is also a lot going around that says dreamers are time wasters. So, I was wondering, are you a dream chaser? What are … Continue reading Are You a Dream Chaser?

How Does it Feel When…

You want to work on something reaaaally badly but life keeps on interrupting you? Or life drains your energy so when the time comes around, you fall asleep instead of do the thing? Or time? What is that? There’s so much on the schedule! And your schedule is full of things that aren’t the passions … Continue reading How Does it Feel When…