Hey, lady!

My name is Xaris, you can call me Mama X or Xar. There isn’t actually any tea in my cup but I do love me a good cup of herbal tea. My top favorite things are my daughter ♥️, plants, cute illustrations, and FOOD. If I’m not trying a new recipe, you may catch me journaling or going for a neighborhood walk!

I have a degree in psychology and a knack for dreaming & envisioning. Intrapersonal intelligence is my thing. That’s what I am passionate about: seeing the torch of women’s souls get lighted once they connect with the innermost details of God’s design on their life.

I started this blog when I became a new creation in 2018. I was in a dark and desperate place (college drop-out, jobless, single AND pregnant) when I experienced God’s grace.

This new hope gave me courage to wake up and face every day. To finish my degree. To work. To write. To be myself again. To look forward to motherhood, even if I am a single mom. And through all I do, to shine my light from the hilltop. Which I was desperately bad at before all of this.

Redemption led me to experience hope, real HOPE, that inspires and fires me into this lifestyle. Because hope is not just an emotion, it is not passively living in stagnation. Hope is behavior that is based on the beliefs you truly hold, keyword: truly.

Everybody told me that I couldn’t be a Jill of All Trades and a Master of None because I had such wide interests. From painting and poetry to cooking and homemaking to psychology and gardening, I am always deep into a new project. One day, it hit me that all of these hobbies were intuitive, therapeutic methods that helped me cope with depression, stress, and anxiety.

I see tons of other creative women who feel trapped by today’s message that states there’s only one end-goal to measure success: a career. Now, I encourage women to express themselves through healthy habits and hobbies in order to connect to their design and live a dreamy life of peace and joy.

For women to live out their dream every single day successfully and peacefully with the help of mental/emotional liberation.

Subtract: Passive hope that it’ll magically get better. Living a disingenuous life. Stuck in limitation. Lacking healthy sense of self-worth. Outward neglect of inner being.

Add: Active hope into life-changing action. Living your life dream. Clear vision of opportunities. Activities to develop your personal skillset. Expression of innermost emotions.

I am joyed that you’re here to join the Village and explore the home of your soul?

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Here at the blog, we exchange practical tips and lifestyle thoughts about connecting to Godly purpose, finding the courage to be yourself, conscious parenting, and creative activities (to break out of that passive shell!).