I Got a Promotion, FINALLY

I am taking a huge pay cut, the circumstances are not ideal but I’ve finally been promoted to the position I’ve always desired.

Last year, I was supposed to get this promotion but got in my own way. I wasn’t particularly pursuing it this time around, still God always has plans.

There’s a local church sign that reads,


Now that we are talking about God, plans and church, two days after this promotion, my pastor taught on John 15. Very relevant,

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.

Jesus speaking, john 15:1-2

Last year, just before the pandemonium (pan dem ic), I was scheduled to receive a long-term, full-time subbing assignment at the school I worked. However, lockdown. Instead, I received a prolonged summer with my family. I wrote about this blessing, here.

Though uncontrollable circumstances removed me from what the teaching opportunity I thought I wanted at the time, I was later offered a teacher position. Not full-time but still a full five days per week. Shortened, I was not emotionally ready for the demands of this job and my anxieties grew every morning that I left my child. I resigned. it was right because all the feelings inside of me were wrong.

Shortly after, I announced the start of a new adventure: my side hustle so I could stay home. Also, at this point, I was engaged to be married and thought I’d soon be working from home. Well, let’s just say, that door closed.

As it was closing, worries about money arose. A door opened for me to work just 2-3 days per week as a chef instructor’s assistant. I built relationship with my boss. In turn, she trusted me to lead children’s classes including summer camp where I’d recently taught 72 kids how to cook. Ideas for growth in the child classes were being discussed along with the realization that I will begin homeschool in just a few months.

Either way, life came to a halt and stopped any business plans I’d been trying to arrange—

My grandmother was in a severe auto accident. Please pray for her! Our God is a healer!

And waymaker.

Now the effects trickle down, I cannot work. She provided childcare while I worked in exchange for nothing but love and dinner on my off days. Even more important than these logistics, it is time to honor my g’parents and serve my family.

To come full circle, God has been vine dressing my work life: I have officially been promoted to Homemaker.

hopemade woman gets promoted to homemaker
Photo by Corentin HENRY on Pexels.com

The branches that did not bear fruit have been removed: working for an employer. And the branches that do bear fruit have been pruned so more could grow: working for my family.

Did you see the theme? More work on the horizon…get called home.

Good to note that pruning involves cutting back. My heart’s desire for this “calling” had been trimmed each time I went back to work so there’d be more fruit.

More love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self control.

With love,
Mama X


5 thoughts on “I Got a Promotion, FINALLY

  1. You remain an encouragement and I am glad to hear what God is doing in your life. It is by far one of the most unsung heroic jobs! My wife was recently called back to it too.


    Prayers for your grandmother!

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