Why Your Life Dreams Are Important

Romanticism runs deep in the life of a dreamer. We fall under a haze of beauty whenever we picture our life’s dreams, oftentimes we believe our dream is the perfect ending to the perfect story. There’s nothing wrong with looking for the perfect story, per se, because story is one of the most important things to life, humanity and civilization.

The Word of God is presented in a deeply troubling yet redemptive story about grace. That is actually our perfect story! We are free from our fallen nature because the Redeemer has saved us from spiritual death.

That is also important to note because we’re getting to the bottom of this issue we have with our personal stories and feeling a lack of direction in life by combatting confusion. Essentially, this confusion is a shackle blocking you from living your dream. Your romanticized dream may not be reality–I hate to break it to you. However, I have found that there is another way to think about a life dream. A way to find opportunity to live fully, right now. It’s characterized by self-awareness (not centeredness), righteous pursuit and living joyfully. See this post. We are going to get technical to make it easier.

Because your dream is not your perfect story, it is not what saves you from the mess you’re in, it is not the romantic happy ending. The perfect story, the salvation and eternal life, is not created in your limited mind. But because OF the perfect story of God’s grace, you can live freely. Free from fear, free from people-pleasing, free from condemnation. Free to live the life dream that honors God by being faithful and fruitful.

You won’t say you “just don’t know” what to do with your life, instead you will see what you’re designed for and how you can approach it in your current circumstance with hope.

We aren’t going to make a vision board that has cute pictures of your dream life because your Life Dream is already inside of you. Click here to define your dream. Here is a simplified breakdown:

Desires – desires are your compass, they tell you which direction you’re faced and ultimately headed toward
Reasons – reasons are the motivations and inner drive that propel you, what is your why?
Expansive Ideas – expansions are the areas of knowledge you have that keep on growing, essentially this is your skillset that is constantly developing
Action – what you actively move towards reveals what is going on inside
Map – this requires vision to see as the one “big picture” you have that reveals current opportunities in your life

Why is this important? Basically, this is what makes you you! Because through your Life Dream, you can take inventory of your life, your design and your opportunity to pursue a whole life. You can ask God for specific direction when you are aware of what matters to you and what is available to you. You also have a clearer path to accomplishing meaningful feats. Once you are clear, you can go! And you can help those who are on similar journeys.

Don’t be ashamed, take courage.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I especially want to encourage if you’re on the other end of the spectrum, where your vision is cloudy, dark, or just plain negative. Your outlook is hopeless, battered and you’re anticipating a life nightmare rather than a life dream. There are a bunch of activities to help you navigate the stormy waters, first and foremost relying on God for strength which means spiritual surrender. We will talk about those activities later. First let’s establish that having a nightmare life also reveals why your Life Dream is important.

If your desires and reasons and actions are marked by gloom then there are revealed opportunities for healing and change. If you are consistently anxious or sick about a particular thing, it may be a sign that it should be removed from your life.

Your Life Dream is a reflection of many things: what you’ve experienced, how you interpret life, what you’re gifted in, what opportunities are available to you and how they all tie in to represent a bigger meaning and direction for your life. When you understand the underlying patterns, subconscious feelings, and bigger meaning then you are able to accept where you are in life. When you accept where you are in life and who you are (a child of God), you can faithfully play an active role. Be fruitful! Live freely.

With love,
Mama X


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  1. ❤When you accept where you are in life and who you are (a child of God), you can faithfully play an active role. Be fruitful! Live freely.

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