Setting a Word for 2020 was Oddly Successful

Here is a little bit of my story from 2020… How the courage to commit became the courage to quit!

the Hopemade Woman

My Word of the Year Inside

Now that the year of all years is over, I wonder how we will look back at 2020 in history. Not in a history book way but in the history of each of our own lives. Will we look back and think, that it was a strange time just as any other? Or, will we look back with a chamber of negative emotions?

Was it the year that was unfair or was it the year of extraordinary opportunity?

I recently saw a woman post her word for 2020 at the end of the year. That was interesting, she was assigning a word by looking back rather than forward.

Typically when you pick out a word for a year, you’re setting a new intention or mission to hold for the next 365 days. The idea is to provoke positive change without the burden of overpromising…

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