All I Want for Christmas is Re…

You may or may not have been thinking revenge. Although, it can twist its way into our deepest desires. There’s something super gratifying about seeing events play out according to our version of justice. We are very good at thinking, “they got what they deserve.” And by those same standards, we are very good at glamorously hoping for what we don’t deserve.

Yet, as we carry on we come to see that our version of justice is nothing. I promise not to get political. Although, I admittedly believe the philosophy applies. However, in the world of personal development revenge takes on an ironic form.

Success is the sweetest revenge. Doing good in your life is somehow pay back to those who’ve wronged you because well they got what they deserved and you got what you deserved. That typically works out in our favor, doesn’t it?

Now I have this list of people who’ve wronged me, mocked me and straight up did not believe in me. And yes, there are times where I wish that my accomplishments or impending successes reach their ears. It’s got to be a human nature thing.

However, upon further inspection that just feels icky. What do I feel that would validate? My success should have nothing to do with the people who’ve hurt me but have everything to do with the Lord who healed me. (That’s the truest success, by the way.)

Because in this context, success as revenge really just means redemption. We aren’t really trying to get even with anybody else, we are trying to be set apart by living a life basked in light and joy and goodness.

We want to be redeemed from our pains, sorrows, and mistakes. We want to feel a sense of departure, elevation even, from our failures. We also want our redemption to be sealed by witnesses.

That is what I think we all want for Christmas. On a tangible note, I wanted to see some type of business success.

I started my first business—probably should write about that soon. My Christmas wish was to sell out. And I did! Getting to the core, I realized I was wanting redemption from all the learning curves, confused stress and hard work I put into this.

Digging deeper, I notice a never ending desire for redemption. To beat the odds over again because the more you journey life, the more there is to overcome.

Yet, success is not even final enough for us as people. There, however, is one redemption that trumps all: spiritual salvation.

Given to us by a baby boy born of a virgin. We BC are redeemed by Emmanuel. Jesus. Nobody wanted redemption for Jesus and in that irony, he was fulfilling our redemption by giving us a life of freedom we did not deserve at the cost of a crucifixion he did not deserve.

You might say revenge doesn’t matter after all. And the only thing you want for Christmas is to be a witness of Jesus’ power, yourself. So others would see that you got what you did not deserve and know that they can, too. ❤️

Merry Christmas.

With love,

Mama X


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