How Does it Feel When…

You want to work on something reaaaally badly but life keeps on interrupting you?

Or life drains your energy so when the time comes around, you fall asleep instead of do the thing?

Or time? What is that? There’s so much on the schedule! And your schedule is full of things that aren’t the passions you’d like to pursue?

Can you relate? How do you respond to these feelings/situations?


10 thoughts on “How Does it Feel When…

  1. Yes! This is me right now!

    I am having to figure out how to make the space for the dreams right now. I have to sacrifice other things, but being intential it’s not cutting in too much of family time. Less chillin’ at night and getting up earlier.

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      1. I agree that bare minimum is underrated. I realised that I am placing value on myself by tying it to how productive I am. It does not mean that it is an excuse to be lazy but it means it’s ok to take time for oneself and not feel guilty when unable to accomplish all that was on the to do list.

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      2. That’s true and I hear you! I think what part of the suffering that comes in for me is that I’m working in a job that takes so much of my energy that I have little resource to do the passionate life things.

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  2. going through that process right now, so much to get done feels like nothing gets done but it is…… 1 thing at a time otherwise things get overlooked

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