and I’m FREEEE…

“Free Falling!” Haha, the song is stuck in my head.

I deleted 100 drafts yesterday. Yes, 100 potential blog posts. 100 pieces of drafted ideas, brainstorms, or entire essays in the trash later and I feel so free!

There is something very satisfying about getting rid of things you worked on, especially when they just didn’t amount to anything worthwhile. Well, there was worth in the joy of dumping them.


That’s the word and that’s what freedom feels like: relief. I don’t have to carry around weights that do not belong to me anymore no matter how long I held onto them, no matter how important they were and no matter who tries to put them on me (including myself).


Free falling can only happen where there is enough space to float. There is also worth in the space given for new, better ideas to come. Cleared spaces are quite freeing, especially renewed mental spaces that have the power to transform.


What a thrill it is to be a new creation, to not be held down by the shackles of what is past history. Free falling is finding thrill in the relief from tension, floating in the space of new life, and enjoying doing what is pure. I am so excited to start afresh, everyday God’s mercies are new.

I am free. I am free because Jesus set me free and that’s it.

John 8:36
So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.

Happy Independence Day, America! May we fall freely into the love of the Lord.

American Flag
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With love,
Mama X


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