Communication is Key, or Maybe Not

I’m going to keep this post relatively short. The point is clear.

We often hear people saying, “Communication is key.” Communication is the key that is supposed to save relationships, end fights, and bring us all closer together as people. Or so they say.

Why is it that many people are talking, chattering, yelling, and nothing is actually being resolved?

People are quite literally communicating all the time!

I like this quote from a training I am doing. Mind you, this is a training to prepare me to work effectively with 4-year-olds. Yep, pre-kindergarteners!

“Think of communication and comprehension as two sides of the same coin; they work together as well as complete the other.”

People only accept communication in the form that it makes most sense to them. Communication does not only happen by verbal word.

Communication happens by hug,
it happens by avoidance,
it happens by dance,
it happens by eye-rolling,
it happens by laughter,
it happens by physical closeness,
it happens by weeping.

Job performance, hobbies, choice of exercise, bucketlist, favorite genre of art, etc.
These are silent methods of communication.

Everyone is looking for a clearly written or verbally-spoken message to match the specific message in their own head. That type of communication is not a master key that will unlock the connection between us all.

Hardly anybody is looking to comprehend all the other infinite messages.

Great communication skills or not, we are communicating. In the absence of words, we are always communicating.

Are we always comprehending? What will you do today to improve your comprehension skills?

With love,
Mama X

Moxie (noun): force of character, determination, or nerve.

This is my eighth installation for Moxie Monday. I’ve found courage in sharing my story and want to keep that going by sparking the flame in others. These Monday posts are motivational in essence to start off a great week!

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3 thoughts on “Communication is Key, or Maybe Not

  1. Beautifully Communicated!
    Actions speak volumes
    A touch can heal a broken heart
    Anticipating a need Interprets Care
    A smile can bring comfort and joy

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