The S Word

My family is one of those families that ‘joked’ about Santa becoming Satan when you move the N over, I did not grow up celebrating Santa Claus and am full aware of the controversy.

I am considering, though, how the world’s symbols, like ol’ St. Nick, reflect biblical truths and themes. Almost like the Creator designed us in His image so we’d crave to never be apart from His grand wisdom.

Anyhow, we have a mysterious man who blesses children, who sees all of peoples actions, who has a book of names featuring naughty/nice destinies, who comes from UP north. We could list many traits that make Kris Kringle like the Heavenly father archetype.

“Sounds like an impostor…” I know.

Even if the enemy uses Santa to distract little children from the greatest gift to mankind, the story alludes to well…the Greatest Gift to mankind. As hard as the world tries to cover Jesus, it can’t because darkness cannot wipe out light.

We already know he’s not the one who comes swooping down to redeem us. Claus probably doesn’t know that he’s become the ever-distracting secular Santa. In that crack of lenience, I do find part of his story inspiring.

It’s not him at all, actually.

It’s the children’s embodiment of “Christmas spirit” because they share a story about generosity that’s truly applicable and less fantastical than the famous chimney gifter.

We find it cute that children earnestly desire to feed the belly of their already hefty hero.  Joyfully, kids around the country bake and leave out cookies with milk, resisting all temptation to eat the treats up themselves. What could be more enticing to a child than sugar?

This concept really convicts me.

I have to ask myself the same. Am I joyfully preparing my cherished good to leave it in the dark of night with the expectation that God is going to come down and consume the whole of it?

Cookies could be a symbol for anything you hold near-and-dear, including problems. Just as you might, I’m prone to check on my cookies at 2 AM, 3 AM, even 4 AM.

I’m worried that somebody will snatch them. Yet, in the story, the kiddos head off to bed with cheerful satisfaction and a patience for morning.

Christian, are you joyfully preparing your cherished goods and then leaving them for the real Gift-Bearer to receive?

Do you embrace the Spirit enough to believe that God is on His way to take up your offering?

Giving gifts is wonderful in the physical world that we occupy, it reveals the nature of our hearts. But so often, we forget to leave a load of other things to God. I hope that this Christmas lesson is one that we can take and apply in our spiritual lives.

God already sent Jesus to die for our salvation, let’s believe it. Let’s rest gratefully and cheerfully knowing that Jesus was born and saw redemption through to His promise, “it is finished!”

Merry CHRISTmas ♥

jesus christ figurine
Photo by Jeswin Thomas on

Hebrews 13:15
“Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.”

With love,
Mama X



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