Just say…no?

Monday is for motivation, or moxie, the new word I found and enjoy, because it is the first day of the week. If we’re being completely honest, I’m unprepared for today because everything I’ve written sounded much better in my head. Let’s just say we’re not pulling out the brightest crayons in the box. My ideas aren’t very motivational, yet, I am still motivated.

Motivated to tackle the day, with all of its tasks and obligations. Motivated to stick by my word. To go on and post. Even if I’m not delivering any mind-bending words, I’m still going to show up and see what comes of it…

It feels like one of those days where you go because you have to. Unfortunately, too many days are that way for most of us. But those days are much better than the days where we choose not to participate at all. We all have those depressing days where we quit because we’re just not on our A game.

I almost quit something today because I was feeling insecure in my abilities. But an encouraging nudge pushed me towards commitment. Towards a Yes. (Sort of like my writing today.)

If I went ahead, on my own feeling, and resigned then I would surely be sorry. Because today’s yes was an acceptance to a job offer! In my dream field, education! PRAISE GOD

Now, you ask, why would you ever reject that? Truthfully, there a multitude of reasons I could have said no like the fact that I’ll  leave my baby for a significant portion of the day, or the fact that I have no experience so I’ll make mistakes, or the fact that other things (my artsies) will get less attention. And those thoughts deepen, and compound, and become huge reasons why I should just stick to what I’m comfortable with.

BUT that’s what we’re comfortable doing! Opting out because we’re not sure. Will we ever be ready, though? Are we truly ever ready to start something new, take on new problems like juggling mom and work life? (Let me tell ya, my time management is about to be put to the test.)

Interestingly, that yes of a nudge didn’t even last more than a second. And I almost went back into my no-zone full of excuses. I could have easily ignored that voice calling me forward into something I wasn’t prepared for. But that short second was strong enough to quiet out the fears about being unprepared. That’s the state of living we should embrace because those hopeful pulls and pushes seek to expand our horizons.

That’s where I feel God can be a lot of the time for us. In the places we’re scared to look because we just don’t know if we’re good enough to see His greatness. And we’re not, haha, but that doesn’t stop Him from calling us to Him! Nor does it stop Him from leading us into blessings.

Comfort zones are ironically uncomfortable–full of fears and worries and objections. There’s, like, no hope in a comfort zone. In those scary* moments where we are called out into new territory we need to keep going. Keep going, yes, just because we have to. Because trusting God is one of the most uncomfortable things you can do. That uneasiness certainly does not make it any less necessary.

With love,
Mama X

*Yes, scary, who actually listens to the voice nobody else can hear?

Moxie (noun): force of character, determination, or nerve.

This is my second installation for Moxie Monday. I started Harvesting Hope as a way to contrast life struggles to the more powerful hope. I’ve found courage in sharing my story (see my early posts) and want to keep that going by sparking the flame in others. These Monday posts are motivational in essence to start off a great week!

Last week’s here.





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