How to be Content

Yesterday’s devotion on learning to be content was quite profound. It’s learning to be satisfied because God is enough.

The day before yesterday, I pulled out one of my old sketchbooks so I could complete the empty pages. I drew my newly blossoming pepper plant 🙂

After flipping through the sketchbook, I found this sentimental doodle from 12-18 months ago when I was still living in Tampa. I hated my small apartment and was desperate for a space to open up, create, breathe.

Since the pregnancy, I’ve been living back home with my gracious grandparents. God’s timeliness is so special, Papa has been working on this outdoor patio for us and yesterday, he added the finishing touch with this little bistro table.

We’ve even got passion fruit vines filling up the trellis similar to the rose vines in my sketch.

I really loved this lesson because I can be a person who wants. I want this and that, oooh that looks cool too. What that does is reveal how much we feel we don’t have. I’ve been finally clearing my eyes of the lack in my life and looking at all the abundance. Jesus came to give us life, life abundant!

Even if it takes a year and a half later to learn satisfaction and gratitude, God still blesses us with the desires of our heart.


With love,
Mama X


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