Green Eggs and Breast Milk

Green colored eggs are unusual and that’s why Sam I Am has such a hard time convincing his friend to eat them. I’m not sure about you but I would immediately discard my eggs if they had green yolks, too! They might seem a bit…rotten? Though I would be adverse to tasting green yolks, I have green eggs just about every morning. Because I pack my omelettes with spinach, yum!

A few days ago, I put extra spinach in my eggs. Earlier that morning, I had a kale + avocado smoothie, at lunch, I had a big chicken salad and later that day, I had broccoli as a dinner side. I wish everyday of my life was packed with that many greens.

With all of that chlorophyll in my system, the milk I pumped for baby was tinted green! How’s green milk for appealing foods? Of course, a mother’s diet determines the composition and quality of breast milk. That’s why it’s important for a breastfeeding mother to practice discipline with food. And it’s not easy. I JUST LOVE SWEETS! To be fair, a nutritionist told me that moderated indulging won’t hurt the baby. Eating 4 chocolates in a row after breakfast is probably not what she meant by moderated indulging, but let’s keep that a secret.

Pumping greenish milk was exciting because there it was: direct proof that the nutrients from my meals were making their way through me. Well, you are what you eat. You won’t become a hot dog by eating hot dogs everyday but it’s well-understood that healthy choices make healthy people and unhealthy choices make unhealthy people.

Looking at our output, we can see evidence of our input because what we consume will always be what we produce. It’s almost the fairest unfair rule of life. No matter who we want to become, no matter where we want to go, no matter what we want to create, we will only be able to give what we get. So, it’s unfair because sometimes we get really rotten treatment from other people when we don’t deserve it. Because we have big dreams and high hopes that can be hard to achieve when we were dealt the wrong hand of cards.

Yet, it’s so fair because God gives us Himself. We can literally have the Holy Spirit living inside of us. And that means miracles, alchemy, transmutation of any circumstances into good. No matter what negative may surround us, there is always something positive to take advantage of.

Genesis 50:20
“But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.”

Especially today in the West, you can choose what you eat. Sometimes, eating healthy is difficult because of financial reasons but it’s totally doable save some budgeting and meal planning. But beyond food, we choose our social circles, we decide how to spend free time, and we have access to SO MUCH content with just the tip of a finger. And all of the lifestyle decisions we make determine who we are and what we do.

If you read, you’re likely to learn and write and hold substantial conversation. If you spend time in nature, you’re likely to appreciate life and notice small details. If you exercise, you’re likely to become strong and less depressed. If you listen to music, you’re likely to measure time well and learn how to dance.

The real matter is WHAT you read or listen to, WHERE you spend time and with WHOHOW you exercise, and WHEN you do all these things. That makes life fair and even fun, when we realize that there are so many options. And as unique people, we get to decide how we do life! We don’t have to act as brainless zombies. We can enjoy the world around us, hang out with growing people who make us happy, find content that teaches us skills. (BTW, you can get 2 months free on Skillshare by clicking here on my code.) But it definitely begins with what we put into ourselves! Our thoughts, our habits, our goals define us but our decisions determine all of those.

Back to the green milk–what was even more satisfying to know is that I am able to nourish my child by nourishing myself. I am nourishing her (or not nourishing her) by the food I decide to eat. And of course, this goes deeper. Our personalities are outputs shaped by who we are which result from the decisions we make. Our personalities then become the food that somebody else has to eat. After you, your children are going to be the first people influenced by what you said yes or no to. Then goes the rest of your family and then your friends and your community and so on.

Just think about the way your positive attitude brightened somebody’s day; your positive attitude was molded by your enjoyment of a walk in the park. Or the way your negative attitude, shaped after listening to angry news media, convinced somebody not to share their good news with you.

Proverbs 18:21
Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it will eat its fruit.

Eastern wisdom often teaches that we are one drop of water in an a large sea. While we are an individual droplet, we are ever connected to the other droplets that make up humanity. Yes, who we are and what we do matters! Because whatever we put out will be absorbed by someone else and then will be absorbed by someone that they affect.

Guess what, Sam I Am eventually got his friend to taste his green eggs and ham!

What color is your milk life? How you are feeding the lives of the people around you?

If there are any decisions you find particularly important or even stressful, I’d love to hear from you.


With love,
Mama X


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