Happy Mothers Day

My little one has been under the weather and she was super fussy this morning, the fuss made its way to mama. We all love crying at 7am, don’t we? I love it so much that I was determined to stay home and skip church.

But a little nudging angel (my grandmother) encouraged me to spend my first mommy holiday in the presence of the Lord.

Good thing I went! I had the youngest baby at the early morning service so they blessed me with a gift. Chocolates! A mom mug! And a beautiful 365 devotional book!

It’s almost like God has been watching me and told a little birdie that my daily devotions need some more daily devotion. 😉

I cried today because I really can’t believe I’m a mother. Wow. I look to the beautiful women who have mothered me in awe. I appreciate all of my mothers: my mom, my grandmother, my god mother, my aunty mothers, my friends’ mothers, my mothers’ friends, my neighboring mothers, my mentoring mothers.

Her strength

Her grace

Her patience

Her soothing face

God is so cool, He laughs with (maybe at) me all the time about the ironies and coincidences of my life. One year ago, my baby girl was conceived like exactly one year ago to the day! Her whole life has been in the making for a year, and so has mine. In one year, my whole life has become meaningful. The angel of life who came through me taught me what it means to be saved, reborn and refined in the fire.

All of her is my home

All of me began in her

She is protecting me near

She is harboring me far

Thanks Mom & Dad

Today was a public induction into motherhood with strangers sharing their wishes, with my family blessing me with endearing gifts, and with a little baby snuggling in my arms.

She stands in majesty

Once I merely looked up to her

She has pulled me up (as she always has)

Now I stand beside her

I’m not perfect. But I know perfectly well that God worked a miracle in me by way of motherhood. I did not become a mother just by the passing of events but by the awakening of my heart. That’s where being a mother originates, that center place of love that God so gracefully created.

. . . I see . . .

And that brings me to today’s brunch which ended with the strawberry Bundt cake. In the center was a pool of delicious strawberry glaze, it was soft and sweet like a mother’s heart…uh, we could only hope to be that sweet!

What blesses her is mine

What pangs me is hers

She fought to bring me here

But all she shows is joy

Thank you, Titi

Let us treasure her with all of our lives

The greatest gratitude for all the Mothers who sincerely mother. Where would any of us be without you?


With love,
Mama X


10 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day

  1. What an awesome brunch I had with my girls today… sweet cards and gifts and then delicious food! I am proud of my precious brood! love you all dearly. Mama X – what a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your heart.

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  2. I’m glad that God blessed you today 😊 Those early years are tiring and tough, I clearly remember the struggle to get to church. It was often on the hardest days though, when I made the effort, that God did something extra special and encouraging for me.

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  3. Awwww 🥰 my Xaris – I love you with all my heart… and that cake was made with a lot of ❤️

    Bon appétit
    – Julia Child

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